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8th DIRAC User Workshop


The 8th DIRAC User Workshop, will take place May 22nd-25th in Lyon, France. CC-IN2P3 will host the event. A preliminary agenda will be set up in https://indico.cern.ch/event/676817/. The registration to the event is already open. We will try to keep participation to the workshop free of charge.

The workshop will start in the late morning of Tuesday, May 22nd (May 21st is holiday in France) and at least the last day, of Friday 25th will be fully dedicated to hacking sessions, and Q&A.

The workshop will be devoted to information exchange between DIRAC developers, service administrators and users. New users, as well as experienced administrators and developers are welcome in the workshop.

As for previous years, communities will be asked to report about their use of DIRAC. Tutorials on administration and development, as well as a public hacking session will be part of the program.

As always, we encourage everybody to suggest items to the workshop agenda.

Message from Federico Stagni

SUCCES days 2017


16-17th October 2017

France Grilles, GRID’5000, the “Groupe Calcul” and the GDR RSD and the HPC regional centers organize the “2017” edition of the French speaking SUCCES Days: scientific meeting of grid, cloud, storage and regional centres’ users.
The meeting’s objective is to present:
– scientific works, in all disciplines, realised with grid, cloud or regional centres.
– evolution of tools, infrastructures and IT provides opportunities for users with the help of research in computer science.

SUCCES Days will take place in October 16-17th at GRICAD in Grenoble (France). Registration is free but mandatory to attend. They will be webcasted.

DIRAC system for EGI communities webinar

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On the 7th of June (next Tuesday) from 3pm Amsterdam time, Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS) and Victor Mendez (UoBarcelona) will give the next EGI Webinar, titled DIRAC system for EGI communities.

Further information and connection link is available at https://indico.egi.eu/indico/event/2978/
Event abstract:

The DIRAC Project is providing a framework for building distributed computing systems and applications with high computating and storage/data demands. Services based on this framework are available for the EGI users since 2014 (at http://dirac.egi.eu/). during the webinar the main capabilities of the system will be introduced and demonstrated.

The DIRAC4EGI service includes a powerful Workload and Data Management System that is able to handle user payloads running on any EGI grid and cloud resource, as well as on other computing resources (such as institutional clusters). The key capabilities of the system are:

– The DIRAC job scheduler uses the “pilot job” paradigm which ensures high efficiency and fast turn-around of user tasks both on local and on remote computers.
– A versatile File Catalog component keeps track of file locations and replicas and allows the description of data with user defined metadata for efficient data searches.
– Services are accessible with friendly user interfaces: a Web Portal, a rich set of command line tools and a Python API. Through these interfaces the user can ineract with distributed resources as they were a single large computer.
– A RESTful service interface is also available for the use by existing application gateways and portals.