The iRODS service offers to users storage space based on the iRODS software, which provides virtualised storage. Among other things, this service allows to:

  • create collections of data and manage them easily;
  • ensure high data availability via data distribution or replication over several locations;
  • organise the data catalogue independently from the physical placement of the data on the storage servers;
  • search for data sets via a metadata catalogue which dynamically keeps track of the data file information and the file description;
  • implement a fine-grained access control;
  • ease the management of large datasets by automatically applying rules for data access and management which can be defined individually for each user; this procedure facilitates administrative task and reinforces the security and the integrity of the data;
  • access the data remotely, from desktops, grids and clouds.

This service is offered through the mutualised FG-iRODS platform. It is available to members of the Virtual Organisation (VO) vo.france-grilles.fr VO.

This service is aimed at users (individuals or groups) from any scientific field with storage or data management needs. Through the iRODS service, FR-Grilles also provides user support to get new users started with iRODS and with the design of the data management flow for their projects.

iRODS software site

You work in France or in collaboration with French teams. Ask for vo.france-grilles.fr VO membership.

You are member of vo.france-grilles.fr, you are interested, contact us!

iRODS Service Policy..

Other organisms also run and administrate their own iRODS platform.