The FG-DIRAC service is based on the FG-DIRAC instance.

DIRAC (Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control) INTERWARE is a software framework for distributed computing providing a complete solution to one (or more) user community requiring access to distributed resources. DIRAC builds a layer between the users and the resources offering a common interface to a number of heterogeneous providers, integrating them in a seamless manner, providing interoperability, at the same time as an optimized, transparent and reliable usage of the resources.

In order to access DIRAC as user, you need to be member of a VO supported by FG-DIRAC.
Members of the France Grilles VO are automatically registered to FG-DIRAC.
You work in France or in collaboration with French teams. Ask for vo.france-grilles.fr VO membership.



Other VOs or NGIs also run and administrate their own instances of DIRAC.