France Grilles infrastructures consist of sets of machines (hardware) and services (software) jointly used to answer a defined need.

Main provided infrastructure is obviously the national production Grid, consisting of all machines and services available to Grid usage. It provides about 95% of computing resources. The federation of cloud that is currently in an expansion phasis provides about 5%. Yet there are more infrastructures (FG-iRODS, training) for complementary services.

Grid and cloud operations

Operations are organised around three axes to implement France Grilles’ general strategy:

– Coordination of an operational infrastructure for the French production grid,
– Set-up and implementation of a scientific policy which enables its usability in the most relevant conditions for the scientific community,
– Adaptation of topology and technologies to evolving user needs and new challenges such as cloud computing.


France Grilles fosters a large community of national experts who provides, beyond computing and storage resources, a set of infrastructures that make France Grilles a coherent, reliable and sustainable set of services.