GRID2-FR “robot” certificate

This service is intended for administrators of scientific portals that give access to France Grilles / EGI infrastructures.

Many scientific communities set up portals embedding applications and data bases. These portals give end users easy access to the distributed infrastructures through user friendly graphical interfaces.

Technically from the infrastructure point of view robot certificates run services and applications on behalf of the person in charge of the portal. This person owning a GRID2-FR certificate guarantees the portal security.

The users authentication on the portal depends on the technology set up by the portal administrator. The users access only the portals embedded applications that are validated for this usage. This solution allows scientific users to use complex distributed infrastructures without spend too much time in training.

The GRID2-FR Certification Authority offers the robot certificates delivery service in accordance to the EUGridPMA recommendations to experts in charge of scientific portals set up by scientific communities partners of France Grilles. The robot certificates use must follow security rules compatibles with France Grilles or EGI infrastructures. Please read the current version of the GRID2-FR CP CPS.
Before asking for a robot certificate on the GRID2-FR CA web site, interested experts have to contact the GRID2-FR CA representative to explain their requirements, evaluate the relevancy of the solution with the help of GRID2-FR CA and must be aware of the mandatory conditions.

The robot certificate is validated for a limited period and is renewable.

Contact the GRID2-FR registration authority team in order to ask for a robot certificate