The cloud service offers to users a IaaS cloud service that allows:

  • computing, storage and network on demand;
  • clusters instanciation;
  • web services instanciation dedicated to the scientific community;
  • tests of algorithms;
  • SlipStream to automatically deploy clusters on the cloud.

You may use this service to run a scientific application, to develop a new offering (PaaS or SaaS), to test a computing model or to gain and share expertise.

This service, based on the France Grilles Academic Federated Cloud Infrastructure, is open to the vo.france-grilles.fr VO members.

You are member of vo.france-grilles.fr, you are interested, contact us!

You work in France or in collaboration with French teams. Ask for vo.france-grilles.fr VO membership.

Other organisms also run and administrate their own IaaS cloud platform.