France Grilles aims at building and operating a multidisciplinary national Distributed Computing Infrastructure open to all sciences and to developing countries. This DCI should become an open space for collaborations within and across disciplines and organizations. France Grilles was created in 2010 as a Scientific Interest Group by 8 organizations including the French ministry of Research and Higher Education.


Operated by CNRS Institut des Grilles et du Cloud, France Grilles main objectives are as follows:

  • establish and operate a national production grid infrastructure for high throughput data storage and analysis
  • contribute with the other countries involved to the EGI European e-infrastructure
  • strengthen synergies and collaborations between teams using the grid for scientific production and doing research on the grid

These objectives are now pursued in the field of cloud computing.

National and International contexts

France Grilles is identified among the Very Large National Research Infrastructures (Très Grandes Infrastructures de Recherche) and represents France within EGI as French National Grid Initiative.

France Grilles animation team gathers members of CNRS-IN2P3 (CC-IN2P3, IdGC, IPHC) and INSERM.