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The SMP PRESOFT model is now available in DMP OPIDoR platform

A Software Management Plan (SMP) model have been developped in the PRESOFT (Preservation for REsearch SOFTware) project.

This model is now available in French and in English via the DMP OPIDoR platform run by INIST. You now can use it in a collaborative way with different access rights for the team members.

To access the model in DMP OPIDoR, ask for an account, then create your plan, click on “Not applicable/not listed” at the funder choice level and then select the “PRESOFT projet” organisation.
Your have now the choice between the French speaking version “Plan de
Gestion de Logiciel de la Recherche (Projet PRESOFT)”and the English speaking version
“Research Software Management Plan template (PRESOFT project)” template.
Please do not forget to export the successive finalised versions in your local workspace in your laboratory as the archiving functionality is currently not provided by DMP OPIDoR: you can “Export your plan” in a document format such as pdf or docx for example.