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France Grilles Awards 2011

France Grilles

Image du prix


The scientific committee of France Grilles awarded

the first prize to:

Utilisation de grilles de calcul pour la génomique comparative” – presented by Simon Penel, Laboratoire de Biométrie et Biologie Evolutive

Watch the video (in French)

the second prize to:

CTACG – CTA Computing Grid” – presented by Komin Nukri, Laboratoire d’Annecy-le-vieux de Physique des Particules

Watch the video (in French)

Le programm committee awarded

the “Poster” prize to:

gLite sur Grid’5000: vers une plate-forme d’expérimentation à taille réelle pour les grilles de production” Sébastien Badia, Lucas Nussbaum

image du poster

Operations Portal

Operations Portal

The EGI Operations Portal is developed and hosted by the IN2P3 Computing Centre since November 2004. This application is used by different actors of EGI, namely regional operators and managers, resource center administrators, virtual community managers and any end users linked to this infrastructure.

The Operations Portal is based on the ‘actor’s view’ principle where each actor of the community has access to information, from an operational point of view, accordingly to his role in the project such as grid operators, who daily monitor the status of resources and grid services, researchers, who make use of the grid for their work, or VO/site/NGI managers.

The Operations Portal provides information to these various actors along with related facilities, such as the Virtual Organization administration tool, communication tools (the broadcast and downtime system) and dashboards (Operations dashboard, security dashboard, VO operations Dashboard) used in the daily operations.