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France Grilles and its partners swing into action to help fighting COVID-19.

Many of our resource centres have answered the call to provide computing
power. Researchers on COVID-19 related subjects can use these resources
to run computations and analyses that require great computing power,
such as virtual screening on biologic targets of interest for
coronavirus drug discovery, or to provide access to datasets online.

The VIP virtual imaging portal now integrates Autodock software to
facilitate the execution of such computations on distributed computing
resources. Other software can be integrated on demand.

Here are some links to actions led by our partners:

For more information please contact info@FRANCE-GRILLES.FR.

EGI conference 2019


The EGI Conference 2019 “Shaping the future of advanced computing” will take place in Science Park Amsterdam, 6-8 May 2019 and is the opportunity for research communities, IT-service providers, technology providers, members and partners of EGI to get together, present and co-design services for advanced computing in Europe.

The conference will focus on the technical and operational evolution of the EGI Federation and its services, with a programme structured around workshops, interactive and hands-on sessions.

The event provides a perfect opportunity for existing and emerging user communities of EGI Federation services to present and discuss use cases, usage experiences and to get expert support from EGI service providers.

JCAD, computing and data days, 24-26 October 2018

JCAD, computing and data days

France Grilles, GRID’5000, the “Groupe Calcul” , the GDR RSD, GENCI and the Equipex EQUIP@MESO partners are organising together the JCAD, computing and data days: Scientific and technical meeting of computing and data.

The meeting’s objective is to present:
– scientific works, in all disciplines, realised with HPC, HTC and cloud.
– technical work and evolution of tools, infrastructures and services related to HPC, HTC, and cloud.
– research in computer science in these domains.

JCAD are dedicated to users, technical experts of HPC, HTC and cloud infrastructures and related services. All the program content will be webcasted.
JCAD will take place in October 24-26th at “ENS de Lyon”.