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Contact point

To contact us, send an email to info@france-grilles.fr.

Is it for me?

The France Grilles infrastructures are available for all GIS partners, (CEA, CNRS, Universities, INRA, INRIA and INSERM…)to conduct their research activities, as well as for their partner organisations or industries working in common projects with them.

Why use France Grilles resources?

You often use computational resources of your team or lab, but these are limited and it takes too much time to compute. You collaborate with teams at a distance and you wish to share data. You would like to be part of a larger community, share tools and resources.

Who are France Grilles users?

Numerous French scientific communities use the distributed resources of France Grilles, EGI or even of specialized infrastructures.
Certain communities were pioneers in utilising Grid infrastructures in projects such as Datagrid and EGEE whereas others are starting to use them only now.

– High-energy Physics : worldwide LHC computing Grid
– Life Sciences
– Earth sciences (atmospheric, climate, hydrologie and seismology sciences)
– Astrophysics and astroparticles
– Complex systems
– Grid Observatory
– Environment and Biodiversity

How much does it cost?

Using these resources is free for your team or lab! Infrastructures running are funded by the laboratories that provide the resources.

Nevertheless, if your team or community needs too many computational resources, you may need to contribute in purchasing hardware or human resources..

France Grilles services

France Grilles catalogue of services is a set of complementary and interoperable services. They are intented to improve the user experience on distributed infrastructures.

Services are offered by France Grilles partners or VOs and they run on France Grilles / EGI infrastructure. Other services are described on this web site.

    The FG-DIRAC service is based on DIRAC. DIRAC (Distributed Infrastructure with Remote Agent Control) INTERWARE is a software framework for distributed computing providing a complete solution to one (or more) user community requiring access to distributed resources. DIRAC builds a layer between the users and the resources offering a common interface to a number of heterogeneous providers, integrating them in a seamless manner, providing interoperability, at the same time as an optimized, transparent and reliable usage of the resources.
  • FG-iRODS, The iRODS service offers to users storage space based on the iRODS software, which provides virtualised storage. Among other things, this service allows to:
    create collections of data and manage them easily;
    ensure high data availability via data distribution or replication over several locations;
    organise the data catalogue independently from the physical placement of the data on the storage servers;
    search for data sets via a metadata catalogue which dynamically keeps track of the data file information and the file description;
    implement a fine-grained access control;
    ease the management of large datasets by automatically applying rules for data access and management which can be defined individually for each user; this procedure facilitates administrative task and reinforces the security and the integrity of the data;
    access the data remotely, from desktops, grids and clouds.
  • FG-Cloud
    The cloud service offers to users a IaaS cloud service that allows:
    computing, storage and network on demand;
    clusters instanciation;
    web services instanciation dedicated to the scientific community;
    tests of algorithms;
    SlipStream to automatically deploy clusters on the cloud.

    You may use this service to run a scientific application, to develop a new offering (PaaS or SaaS), to test a computing model or to gain and share expertise.

Services access

What does France Grilles expect from me?

Read the VO AUP that applies to the vo.france-grilles.fr VO users.

Specific AUP applied to several services such as iRODS.

France Grilles will ask you in return to participate actively in the users’ communities, present your results during scientific events, reference publications realized thanks to France Grilles in the collection …

Access demand

If you wish to use France Grilles resources, you need to contact our team and fill-in a simple questionnaire to present your needs and the ones of your team (resources, training…). One or more meetings with the France Grilles team will be necessary to evaluate your needs and decide on a work plan before being able to work on infrastructures. These meetings usually take place by phone or video conferencing.

France Grilles security policy is based on EGI documents, such as:
– security policies
– security operational procedures
Infrastructure and services security is based on certificates utilisation.

Access to personal data