PRESOFT, Preservation for REsearch SOFTware, is a CNRS IN2P3 funded project (2017-2019) with the participation of CC-IN2P3, IdGC and LIGM during the 2017-2018 period.

The objectives are to study the feasibility and necessary conditions to deploy SMPs in research labs. The work is conducted in a pragmatical way.

Software Management Plans are tools for the software sustainability.
The PRESOFT main objectives are:

  • to develop realistic procedures and template
    • adapted to the researchers end engineers needs,
    • for the realisation of SMPs in research units.
  • to study the feasibility, benefits and constraints, acceptability and the necessary conditions
    for a real adoption of SMP practice by researchers, Phd students and software project managers for their
    own research software production,
  • to assess the impact of the implementation of SMPs in research units in order to manage the unit’s research software assets, estimate software sustainability cost, increase portfolio value
    and obtain a global view on the unit’s developments and related skills,
  • to publish results.