European Projects

The IDGC is recognized by GIS France Grilles as the only entity representing France in every European project related to production grids.

European projects are an essential component of NGI France but are also crucial for technological evolutions and international visibility of grid technologies, facilitated by the funding of contractual agents.

There are 3 types of projects in the Grid and Cloud domains:

- infrastructure-oriented projects
- middleware-oriented projects
- user-oriented projects

Acronyme DébutFin Sujet
EGI-Engage 01/03/2015 31/08/2017 Sustainability of the EGI-Inspire Infrastructure
EGI-Inspire 01/05/2010 31/12/2014 Integrated Sustainable Pan-European Infrastructure for Researchers in Europe
N4U 01/07/2011 31/12/2014 Utilisateurs - Neurosciences
ENVRI 01/11/2011 31/10/2014 Utilisateurs - Biodiversité
CReATIVE-B 01/10/2011 30/09/2014 Utilisateurs - Biodiversité
EPIKH 01/03/2009 28/02/2013 Programme d’échange
GISELA 01/09/2010 31/08/2012 Pérennisation de la Grille de production en Amérique du Sud
StratusLab 01/06/2010 31/05/2012 Développement d’un service permettant la mise à disposition d’une infrastructure de type cloud
EDGI 01/06/2010 31/05/2012 Renforcement de l’Infrastructure de grille EGI
DEGISCO 01/06/2010 31/05/2012 Extension des Infrastructures de calcul distribué aux pays partenaires hors Union Européenne ( ICPC)
EUMedGrid-Support 01/01/2010 31/12/2011 Renforcement et déploiement de l’Infrastructure de Grille EUMEDGRID

Procedure for FP7 European project application by IDGC

For a CNRS body to submit a proposal for a European project in the field of grid and cloud technologies, the procedure is as follows:

- From the onset of the call for proposals, the call, funding type and potential partners need to be identified.

- The « European projects pole of France Grilles » needs to be informed so as to converge projects submitted by IDGC.

- IDGC contacts the SPV services (Partnership and Valorisation Services) of the Ile-de-France South Delegation (DR04) who will liaise with the concerned delegated services.

Who intervenes in the implementation phase?

- To submit a proposal to a call for coordination actions, one can benefit from a European Project Officer (IPE) services to develop the proposal (writing of the non-scientific parts, budgeting, online application (EPSS), and participate to the negotiation phase (Grant Preparation Forms, subvention convention, and consortium agreement).

Attention: the deadline to request support from the IPE is 5 weeks before the date of application.

- For participating projects, the SPV (Partnership and Valorisation Services) of DR04 officers in charge will contribute in these stages.

What is the information to communicate to the « European Projects pole » from the onset of the implementation?

- The list of CNRS labs, universities, GIS members participating in the project

- The names of scientific delegates of every lab/unity

- On account of the participating projects, the EPSS access code communicated by the respective coordinator.

More information on the calls for proposal can be consulted at the EC site CORDIS.

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